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Extra security, extra safety, with the most modern private cloud.

healthcare cloud services

All of us at GPsupport are proud to offer you our 100% owned private especially tailored cloud service. But don’t take our word for it.

Here are the benefits it offers to businesses like yours:

Cost savings: the cloud significantly cuts the need for large capital purchases – whether it is servers or software or even workstations – there are meaningful savings for you.

Access anywhere: you can work from anywhere, anytime and have the same experience everywhere. Working from home you have access to everything just the same as in your office.

Extended workstation lifecycle: our servers do all the grunt work so your workstations have a much extended working life.

Business expansion without the cost: with the cloud you can increase or decrease capacity as needed, which means that as your business expands there are no major upfront IT costs.

Always up with the latest: no more purchasing of licenses that very quickly are out dated. With the cloud you always have the latest including Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Windows Server and Microsoft Office suite.

Data protection: the cloud protects you by removing your data from your office into our strictly controlled environment with our highly qualified onsite personnel managing it 24/7.

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