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Medical Data Backup

With data backup systems you’ll never have to worry about losing files again. At GPsupport, medical data backup is one of our core specialties. With specially designed systems to backup and store medical data securely we support medical practices all over the country, helping them to stay in control of their data. Regardless of the size of your clinic, losing important data is one of the worst things that can happen. Sometimes a large data loss can set your business back weeks! So why risk it? Our IT experts can set up, manage and maintain your data on our private cloud servers, or even on your own servers, ensuring you have access when you need it without compromise. Choose GPsupport and secure your medical data today.


Benefits of GPsupport Medical Data Backup


  • Enhanced Security
  • View File Archives Easily
  • Data Backup and Restore Reports
  • Safe and Secure
  • No More Worrying About Losing Data
  • Easy Backup and Restore

Our IT Support Services

Cloud Computing

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure on our private dedicated cloud servers. You also get access to a virtual desktop that looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC, yet allows you to access your data and programs from anywhere.

Managed IT Services

We can take care of all your IT needs, including software installation, maintenance and more. Our team can even help with organising accreditation, and provide advice on potential risks and investments you may need to make for your businesses IT. Our live help desk is available anytime to solve problems and make dental IT easy.

Network Management

Our team can manage and monitor your network, ensuring everything works perfectly. Our virtual network architect can manage the structure of your network, monitor system processes and ensure everything stays up and running..

“GPsupport is passionate about providing services that meet our actual needs, and truly understand, and are committed to assisting us in applying technology to our challenges.”

Anthony Buhler, CIO

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Call GPsupport Today To Organise Your Medical Data Backup

Not only is cloud medical data backup more secure, it’s the best way to access data from anywhere, anytime you need it. Log in through your phone and check information, or immediately allow access to data through new work computers. Whatever you need to do with your data, GPsupport can help you achieve it. Call us today to get started!.

Why Choose GPsupport for Data Backups?

We can manage your data and servers regardless of where they are, ensuring they’re safe and secure at all times. Our technicians are very experienced in backing up and protecting data, and have been setting up network systems for healthcare and medical clinics for years. We can integrate your data backups with your existing clinic management systems and ensure everything runs smoothly regardless of any problems that might come your way.


Why Choose Private Cloud Backups?

There are a number of reasons why you would choose cloud servers for data backup. While having a local server as well is not out of the question, data backup that is offsite is not only more secure, but safer. Professionally managed by our IT technicians, we ensure your server and data is encrypted and protected from any interference. Cloud backup servers are also cheaper than having them on site, as we buy and manage your servers for you, reducing the need for large capital purchases. Protect your data from power outages, hacks and leaks and more.

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