Medical Practice Setup Consultants

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The amount of work and knowledge required to start up a medical practice can be quite surprising. Beyond the obvious, you need to know how to manage clients, supplies and staff, as well as your computer network, data and programs. That’s where we come in. At GPsupport, we have years of experience helping people start and set up IT systems for medical practices and other specialist clinics. We can get your network and systems up and running, from zero to a complete IT fitout in under a week. If you’re looking for medical practice setup consultants you can trust, choose GPsupport.

Our Services

As experienced medical practice IT consultants we can help you set up your practice from scratch, including software, hardware and even the associated paperwork.

Full Network Set Up and Management

Our experts can set up all the hardware you’ll need to get started, and get your network running. From there we manage and maintain your network, monitoring processes, devices and more to ensure your network works perfectly 24/7.

Accreditation Assistance

We understand medical practices. Our experts can help you get established, and even work you through the accreditation process. Let our team manage everything, from security reviews to completing all the paperwork.

Cloud Services

Private secure cloud services let you access your data and programs wherever you need them, and keeps your data safe and secure, backed up for emergency and encrypted to protect it from unauthorised access. Cloud computing makes running your practice easy, reducing expenses, improving productivity and more.

Leading Medical Practice Setup Consultants

As professional medical practice setup consultants, our team is experienced in all aspects of clinic setup. We’ve worked with GPs, medical practices and a whole range of specialist clinics, including dentists and orthodontists, chiropractors, podiatry and more. We’ve got the expertise to set up your clinic and get you up and running fast. With GPsupport you get professional advice, total IT management (not just problem solving), help desk access whenever you need it and more.

  • Practice IT management
  • Full IT setup
  • Experienced Team
  • Medical clinics, healthcare specialists (chiro, dentists, ortho, etc.)

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