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Online Patient Scheduling

Organising your patient schedule can become a nightmare if not done properly. Clashing appointments, unhappy patients and severe confusion are just some of the symptoms of a patient scheduling system with problems. Through online patient scheduling, you can let your website handle the grunt work and focus on providing a fantastic service for your patients.

Our experts here at GPsupport can help you set up practice management systems and integrate patient schedule planning and timetabling with your website. Specialising in IT support for healthcare clinics and medical professionals, we’re the best around when it comes to helping GPs and specialists stay on top of their technology.

Our Services

Private Cloud Services

Our highly available cloud environment provides you with a Virtual Desktop that looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC. Protect sensitive files, access your programs anywhere and simplify processes with GPsupport cloud computing.

A State of the art private cloud service can improve your productivity, reduce expenses, extend hardware lifecycles and remove hidden IT barriers that are decreasing productivity.

Accreditation Assistance

We understand the accreditation process and the increasing role IT and technology plays in your practice.

Maintaining accreditation is easier than ever with. By understanding of the IT requirements for your practice, we can assist you with the entire accreditation process. We have a comprehensive and current IT compliance pack to manage everything from security reviews to completing all the paperwork.

Unlimited Helpdesk Access

Our helpdesk is here for you should something go wrong, or when there are just a few little things which need attending to. Get professional, personalised tech support whenever you need it.

From setting up iPhones, SMS reminders, pathology providers, replacing printers or managing greater issues like servers, our friendly staff are here to help.

Benefits of Patient Scheduling Systems

Online appointment scheduling is fantastic for managing patients and appointments without the need for manual intervention. It reduces human error and makes life easier for you and your patients. The system will automatically take, confirm and record bookings as well as inform the people who need to know. If you’ve got an existing system in place, you can integrate patient and appointment schedule software easily.

With your booking and appointments system automated you can save your time, money and sanity, letting the system do all the work that would otherwise have to be done by you or your staff.

Choose GPsupport for Your Clinic.

GPsupport can manage and maintain your online patient scheduling systems and keep your clinic operating smoothly all year round. We specialise in medical IT systems and helping medical clinics, GPs and healthcare specialists get their network and IT systems established and ready for business.

We work with the biggest names in medical practice management software, including Best Practice, ZedMed and MedicalDirector. Our team can integrate online patient scheduling into your existing system and even provide technical advice after the job is done to ensure everything works as it should. If you’re looking for a team of medical IT experts you can trust, give GPsupport a call today.

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