General Practice

The GP name says it all.
GP clinics are our bread and butter.

At GPsupport, our specialist experience working with General Practitioners means we can offer you so much more than your average IT company.

If you are a doctor or practice manager, you’ll know all about the need for a “hassle-free” IT environment.
We know how super expensive IT disruptions can be.

With GPsupport:

  • Our technicians are extremely well-qualified in the specific needs of IT in General Practices 
  • We dont just get you through an IT crisis; we plan with you thoughtfully to ensure the next crisis does not happen 
  • With our experience we can help you maintain your accreditation. 
  • We use your software packages every day

Save money with IT planning

When GP clinics work with us, they can actually reduce their overall IT spend. If you’d like us to do an audit, we’ll let you know just what you will need to invest over the next 12-months. You can say “good-bye” to nasty IT surprises.

Start planning for a paperless clinic

If you are still working with physical patient files and hand written notes, you could be wasting a lot of storage space, losing important medical records and costing your clinic lot of money in lost time.

At GPsupport, we can assist you in chosing the best possible Clinic Management system, along with the roll out and implementation of it, and support you in moving forward.

Contact us to see how we can assist you in going paperless.

Contact us today to discuss our Medical Practice Setup Consultants

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