Internet Services

At GPsupport, we proudly partner with Aussie Broadband and Exetel to offer our clients a simple, one-stop solution for all their internet needs. We provide our clients with high-powered NBN™ services, and best of all, you deal with our team rather than a third-party internet service provider.

What we do

GPsupport will remove the headaches often associated with business internet services. We have a hands-on, can-do attitude and our team will:

  • Get your healthcare business fully connected to the NBN™. 
  • Monitor, troubleshoot and rectify any issues that may arise with your business internet connection. 
  • Be your go-to contact for anything internet related, saving you from having to deal with third-party ISPs. 
  • Take the hassle out of your internet set-up, to save you precious time and resources.
  • Provide full-fibre connections for healthcare businesses that may require heavy data exchange (for example, in a dental or radiology practice.) 

For more information about GPsupport internet services, speak with our Sales team today.

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IT Solutions for the Modern World

We support our clients by providing end-to-end technology solutions that enhance business efficiencies and improve patient outcomes. Our approach offers security, control, ease, and peace of mind that helps our clients to thrive in an increasingly digital world..