Clinic in the Cloud

Our unique ‘clinic in the cloud’ solutions will help to future-proof your healthcare business. Put simply, a clinic in the cloud set-up means that you can move away from out-dated infrastructure, such as having a physical server on-site that requires costly ongoing maintenance. 

Instead, your business will benefit from enterprise-grade software that exists in a fully secured cloud-based environment.

At GPsupport, our clinic in the cloud solutions offer:

  • Decreased risk of downtime and breaches due to data loss, theft or damage.
  • Full access to your operational and clinical applications – anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete access to your business data and total control over its use.
  • Confidence that your business meets compliance and accreditation standards. 
  • Improved productivity and collaboration tools.
  • Enhanced patient service and greater overall customer experience.
  • An optimised technology set-up that works specifically for your business. 

We offer two clinic in the cloud technologies – Microsoft 365 or our Private Cloud Service.

Future-proof your data

Provide a greater level of care and gain peace of mind about the safety of your business’s data with our custom cloud solutions.