Clinic in the Cloud

Our unique ‘clinic in the cloud’ solutions will help to future-proof your healthcare business. Put simply, a clinic in the cloud set-up means that you can move away from out-dated infrastructure, such as having a physical server on-site that requires costly ongoing maintenance. 

Instead, your business will benefit from enterprise-grade software that exists in a fully secured cloud-based environment.

At GPsupport, our clinic in the cloud solutions offer:

  • Decreased risk of downtime and breaches due to data loss, theft or damage.
  • Full access to your operational and clinical applications – anywhere, anytime.
  • Complete access to your business data and total control over its use.
  • Confidence that your business meets compliance and accreditation standards. 
  • Improved productivity and collaboration tools.
  • Enhanced patient service and greater overall customer experience.
  • An optimised technology set-up that works specifically for your business. 

We offer two clinic in the cloud technologies – Microsoft 365 or our Private Cloud Service.

What are the Clinic in the Cloud benefits?


Future-proof your business

Our clinic-in-the-cloud solution offers a secure digital infrastructure, replacing outdated on-site servers that can be subject to damage or theft.

Remote accessibility

Enjoy complete access to your business critical data, anytime, anywhere. Enable work from home arrangements and more flexible patient care.

Complete peace of mind

Maintain total control over your data’s use, with stringent security protocols customised for your business.

We chose GPsupport as our IT provider because they were able to offer future-facing solutions, such as secure data encryption and a private cloud-based infrastructure that could grow with our evolving business needs. By contrast, other IT competitors we spoke with were offering more antiquated technologies.

Dr Rob Jeffs, Safety Beach Medical and Wellness Practice.

Future-proof your data

Provide a greater level of care and gain peace of mind about the safety of your business’s data with our custom cloud solutions.