Microsoft 365 powered by GPsupport:
The future standard for Australian healthcare

To be a first-rate healthcare provider, you need world-class technology solutions that are optimised for your business. Microsoft 365 offers a complete solution for your clinic, and at GPsupport we know this technology will become the industry standard for Australian healthcare providers. However, it’s not a ‘one size fits all’ system.

Six reasons to choose Microsoft 365 today


Complete Control

Do you want complete control of your business data?

Fully Secure and Protected

Do you want peace of mind that your business data is fully secure and protected?

Regulate Access

Do you want to regulate access to sensitive documents and valuable IP?

Seamless Collaboration

Do you want to empower your team with seamless collaboration and communication tools?

Mobilise Your Business

Do you want to mobilise and extend your business beyond the walls of a physical premises?

Accreditation Ready

Do you want to ensure that your business is accreditation ready and able to grow?

Harness the power of Microsoft 365

To truly harness the power and potential of Microsoft 365 in your healthcare clinic, you need an expert team who can optimise this technology for best-practice and compliance.

At GPsupport, we have the knowledge and experience to ensure that your team uses Microsoft 365 in a manner that is compliant with Australian healthcare standards for data protection, privacy and security. We can provide dedicated, world-class support and enhanced functions to ensure that your clinic is protected around-the-clock.

When optimised correctly, Microsoft 365 can also boost your team’s productivity and will increase the overall performance of your business. When you partner with GPsupport, we can seamlessly integrate Microsoft 365 into your clinic overnight. Best of all, this technology is fully scalable and can grow with your clinic, through a simple monthly subscription.

Microsoft 365 will be the benchmark technology for Australian healthcare providers.

Let’s take a closer look at how this technology can serve your business today:

Microsoft 365Microsoft 365, powered by GPsupport
Web and mobile versions of Office apps check check
Emails and calendars check check
File storage and sharing check check
Customised team channels and communication check
Security and compliance check
Support and deployment check
Advanced security check
Device management check

Understanding Microsoft 365

Put simply, Microsoft 365 is an integrated bundle that combines leading Microsoft Office technology with intelligent cloud services and advanced security. It goes without saying that Microsoft is a global leader in technology, and this integrated solution has been designed to help businesses of all types to achieve greater outcomes.

The system aims to seamlessly connect teams, content and data, in order to improve business productivity and efficiency. Microsoft 365 includes the entire suite of Office apps, along with critical business technology such as emails, calendars, cloud storage and the highly collaborative Microsoft Teams hub.

When used in a clinical setting, Microsoft 365 can streamline processes by placing your essential business applications in one place. Microsoft 365 also incorporates enterprise-grade security to protect your data; such as patient records and sensitive clinical information. The system is designed to defend against cyberthreats and other unauthorised access, and will keep your data safe even when it’s accessed on employee devices out of the office.

Optimising Microsoft 365 for healthcare

Whilst Microsoft 365 is a powerful business solution, the technology was not developed with healthcare providers in mind. In order to get the most from Microsoft 365, your business needs a dedicated team who can optimise this technology for in-clinic use. At GPsupport, we have the first-hand expertise to successfully tailor Microsoft 365 for your business needs.

In fact, our team has over a decades’ experience in providing best-practice solutions for all aspects of the Australian healthcare industry – including GPs, hospitals, specialists, allied health, dental clinics, aged care, wellness centres and locum services. We have industry- specific knowledge that equips us to respond to our clients’ evolving needs, and we’re ready to support this next phase of growth in Australian healthcare.


If you want to protect your business and get ahead of the pack, download your FREE Microsoft 365 information pack.

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