Private Cloud Services

What is a private cloud?

A ‘private cloud’ is a controlled computing environment where your business data is securely stored, managed and processed. As the name suggests, a ‘private’ cloud is set-up for the exclusive use of your business organisation. 

Otherwise known as ‘cloud computing,’ a private cloud infrastructure is beneficial because it means your business doesn’t need to rely on storing critical information on a physical server or local computer, reducing your risk of data loss and business downtime.

What are the advantages of a private cloud? 

At GPsupport, we see our private cloud services as the next evolution in business technology for the healthcare sector. Our private cloud service allows clients to enjoy enterprise-grade software without the risk associated with theft or damage to a physical server. 


Accessible anytime, anwhere

Private cloud data is accessible anytime, anywhere, making it an ideal solution for businesses with work-from-home capabilities.

Complete Control

Our private cloud service offers complete control to our clients, especially in terms of the way that critical business data is stored, accessed and shared both inside and outside of your organisation.

Scalable with your Business

Fully scalable with your business – meaning that we can increase or decrease the footprint of your private cloud infrastructure as your clinic grows.

When you partner with GPsupport, we’ll configure your private cloud environment to perform for your business, and you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your valuable information is fully backed up in our secure on-shore data centre, located in Melbourne, Australia.

How can GPsupport assist with my private cloud service? 

A private cloud infrastructure means that your business will be rapidly alerted if any IT issues arise. When you partner with GPsupport, our team will be on-hand to assist in solving any unexpected problems. Our goal is to reduce business downtime and find a streamlined solution for you. We understand the importance of reliable, safe technology, especially in a healthcare setting. 

It’s also important to know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to cloud services. For this reason, GPsupport will recommend and implement customisations that perform for your business and enable you to get the most from your private cloud set-up. 

Our team also maintains an in-depth knowledge of the compliance and accreditation regulations that govern the healthcare sector. We establish and monitor your private cloud environment to ensure that you meet the highest standards for data privacy and security

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