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When it comes to healthcare, it’s important everything works as it should. A power or network outage, or lost data could mean big problems down the line.

With GPsupport, you get an experienced IT technician ready to help when you need it most. We monitor your network, set up your systems, maintain accreditation compliance and provide full healthcare IT services. But we’re more than just tech support. We make Healthcare IT simple. If you’re looking to set up a clinic, or you’re getting your healthcare clinic’s network and systems in order, talk to our team of experts today.

Why Get Healthcare IT Services?

Regardless of the size of your clinic, our team is here to make IT management easy. Healthcare IT services can take your clinic to the next level, making your IT processes more efficient and backing you up when things go wrong.

With a team of seasoned professionals at your side, your healthcare clinic will run smoothly all year round. At GPsupport, we provide a wide range of services that cover all aspects of medical IT, including hardware, software setup, network management, IT support and more.

Comprehensive & Supportive Services


Cloud Computing

Rest easy knowing your data is safe and secure on our private dedicated cloud servers. You also get access to a virtual desktop that looks and acts exactly like a traditional PC, yet allows you to access your data and programs from anywhere securely.


Our help desk is open when you need it most, ready to help with any IT problems you might be facing. Get personalised tech support for your clinic from professional IT experts, right at your fingertips.

Network Management

Our team can manage and monitor your network, ensuring everything works perfectly. Our virtual network architect can manage the structure of your network, monitor system processes and ensure everything stays up and running.
  • GPsupport is passionate about providing services that meet our actual needs, and truly understand, and are committed to assisting us in applying technology to our challenges.

    Anthony Buhler, CIO

Security and Control

While you work with us we actually aim to reduce your overall IT spend. We can assess your existing IT systems to reduce redundancies and streamline processes, or revamp your entire system to work at peak effectiveness. We’ll also audit your clinic’s technology use and let you know exactly what you need to invest in over the next 12 months. No more wasting time and money on bad purchases. With GPsupport, you get the best of everything.

Full Service Health IT Support Service

Whether you’re setting up a brand new clinic or need managed IT services for your existing one, our team can help you. As well as our standard services we offer managed servers, managed security and backup, and hardware installation and support. Our experts can help you set you your healthcare clinic and support you well into the future, assisting with upgrades, security, IT management and more. It’s not just about helping you manage your clinic, but increasing operational efficiency and improving processes and services to ensure you can better serve your patients now and well into the future. If you’re looking for an experienced team that will support your business as it grows and changes, GPsupport is right for you.

Cyber Security for Healthcare

One of the largest growing concerns in healthcare IT is the implications of cyber security. Taking proper security precautions against hackers, data leaks, data loss and more is crucial to the operation of any medical practice or healthcare clinic. All healthcare clinics are subject to numerous rules regarding the protection of patients data. With GP Support, our cyber security specialists can help you meet these standards and keep your data secure and protected. Talk to our team about setting up cyber security for your clinic.

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Choose GPsupport for custom healthcare and medical IT support for GPs and clinics. We can help you determine the best IT solutions for your business, and help you to understand how IT in your clinic works. Our technicians are friendly, qualified and passionate, ready to help with anything and everything IT related. Contact us for more information, and start driving more productivity today.