Medical Director Support

Need Software Support for Medical Director?


Medical Director is used by over 17,000 clinicians every day and is one of Australia’s leading clinical software packages. Our technicians have been trained to manage and operate medical software, and can Medical Director support for the following:

  1. 1. Software upgrades 
  2. 2. Medicare fee schedule updates 
  3. 3. Template management 
  4. 4. Pathology management 
  5. 5. Downloads and updates to Medical Director (e.g.MIMS) 
  6. 6. Troubleshooting 
  7. 7. Secure messaging 
  8. And more 

If you need technical support for Medical Director, call our team today for immediate assistance. 

Professional Medical Software Support 

Let our team of experts handle the technical aspects, so you can focus on operations. We can install, set up and maintain Medical Director, and keep your systems running at peak efficiency.  
Whether you’re starting a new GP clinic in Australia or upgrading your existing systems, GPsupport can help you get your systems in order. With systems for network maintenance, a support hotline for technical issues and a range of other services specifically designed for GPs and healthcare, we’ve got the expertise to help you run your business better.  


Get the Most Out of Medical Director 

If you’re setting up clinic management software yourself it can be overwhelming if you don’t have the experience. There’s a lot of specialist knowledge involved, and things that need to be set up correctly for things to work down the line. We’ve been there, and have learnt how to manage and operate systems such as Medical Director. Call our team today if you have questions about how to use or set up any medical or clinical software. Our trained technicians will be happy to help learn the system, and get the most out of your software.  


A Personal Approach to Tech Support 

Choose GPsupport for a hands on, personalised and practical approach to IT systems management. When it comes to Medical Director, our team has the experience to understand and solve any problem you might have. If you’re in need of medical software support, we also offer support for all major GP software, including Best Practice, ZedMed and Genie Solutions.  

If you need support in handling Medical Director software, contact us today on (03) 9999 1212 or via email at 

Contact us today to discuss our hands-on, practical approach to your IT.

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