Celebrating 15 years of GPsupport

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This month we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of GPsupport. Technology as a whole, but especially for healthcare has dramatically changed since we began our business those years ago. We’ve been proud to grow alongside the industry in Australia as well as facilitate the wave of new technologies to serve our practices and improve patient care.

We sat down with our founder Paul McCarthy to discuss the milestone and what’s ahead for GPsupport:

What he’s most proud of

“The healthcare landscape has become more complicated than ever before. What we’ve strived to do is help clinics deliver better patient outcomes by reducing the stress and day-to-day challenges they face – challenges that evolve each year.” 

“And every so often, when a clinic must move to a new system, that overhaul is made easier with professionals who can manage any part of a clinic’s technology. We have a full team of people that seamlessly complete these transitions every day –  meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations all while our customer continues to provide great care.”

What the future looks like

“We already see ourselves as an integral part of both the care and business sides of a clinic’s operations. The technology will continue to change, but we’re up to the task of helping healthcare businesses navigate the next decade.

Our services are already so much more than IT support, and we are excited to extend our offerings far beyond technology outcomes.”

New to GPsupport? Read our story:

We are technology specialists for the future of healthcare.

Healthcare is constantly evolving, and so are the tools we use to support the industry to deliver the highest standard of care. GPsupport was founded to give practices not only the best, but the right technology to power their business forward. Over our 15 years, we’ve enabled both new and established clinics across Australia to evolve and succeed – because we know that if our doctors, nurses and practice managers have the right technology at their side, they can do what they do best.

Together, we become a true ally in our clinics’ operations. We go beyond the typical remit of an IT provider – using our knowledge and deep understanding of the industry to lead their success. Whether it’s moving a clinic to the cloud, streamlining processes, solving issues, tightening security or gaining accreditation, everything we do at GPsupport is designed to save our practices valuable time and money – and prepare them for the road ahead.

At the core of our organisation is a passion for people – our team, our partners, and the tens of thousands of people our technology supports in their healthcare every year. Each day, we strive to create a vital difference in the delivery of this care and do our part to improve the future of healthcare.

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