Being Prepared

It’s your business, and your life… so best be prepared.

For all sorts of often unknown reasons, IT incidents can and do occur.
There is only one option: be prepared.

With GPsupport on your team, you dramatically reduce your risk as your Disaster Recovery Plan will be:

  • Simple 
  • Understandable 
  • Effective 
  • Regulary Tested 

We’ll not only prepare a plan especially for your practice – we’ll also test it regularly, just to be sure. We’ll identify the contingencies and we’ll set out the necessary steps for you so that recovery can take place with a minimum of fuss.

If there is a crisis, our techicians will help you execute the plan and get everything running again.


As a professional, RCCGP compliance for all your IT, is important to you.

Criterion 4.2.2 states there is a legal obligation to ensure the privacy and security of health information that you hold.

With GPsupport, you will have a comprehensive and up-to-date compliance pack for:

  • Computer security 
  • Your business continuity plan, including development, testing and documentation
  • Replacement of equipment with hard drive memory 
  • Prevention of unauthorised access to patient health information 
  • Active and inactive patient health. 

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