Client Case Study: John Fawkner Cardiology

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Tailored Solutions for Streamlined Care

The background

The Heart Specialists at John Fawkner Cardiology have a proud history of providing comprehensive cardiac care for a diverse range of patients. Based in Melbourne, the team at John Fawkner offer an interdisciplinary approach to heart health – from disease identification to treatments and ongoing care. As a specialist healthcare provider, John Fawkner Cardiology needed a tailored IT solution that reflected the complex nature of their business.

The problem

Prior to partnering with GPsupport, The Heart Specialists were using an IT team that did not specialise in the healthcare sector. Over time, it became apparent that John Fawkner Cardiology needed a higher level of IT support – along with the ability to liaise with experts who had particular insights related to healthcare, and understood the urgency involved. 

An aging IT infrastructure also meant that The Heart Specialists were relying on a physical, on-site server that was costly to maintain. On-site servers are vulnerable to damage, theft and other unexpected outages that can result in downtime and a disruption of services. For this reason, the team at John Fawkner made the decision to future-proof their business with a private cloud-based server, and made the switch to GPsupport. 

The solution

A private cloud-based server allows businesses to store all their critical data in one secure, centralised location. Cloud-based solutions have a variety of advantages, which are explored in greater detail here. 

For The Heart Specialists, having critical data stored in a cloud environment has been a real advantage – particularly during the outbreak of COVID-19, when many Australian healthcare providers had to pivot to a largely telehealth based model. 

Throughout the peak of this year’s pandemic, the team at John Fawkner were able to continue offering seamless patient care, even whilst working remotely. Specialists have had continuous access to up-to-date patient records and key administrative information – regardless of whether they’ve been based in the office, in a hospital or clinic, making in-calls, or providing telehealth services from home. 

Practice Manager, Karen Cotter, has described the private cloud-based server as a highly successful solution that has reduced downtime, increased security, and offered an improved experience for both patients and staff. 

Ms Cotter also characterised the GPsupport team as being highly responsive, knowledgeable and proactive. Partnering with GPsupport has given The Heart Specialists peace-of-mind that their business technology is well-positioned for the future. 

What the client said:

“The team at GPsupport have an in-depth understanding of the medical field, which is a true value-add for our business. Their technical support experts are highly responsive and on-the-ball, and understand the time-sensitive nature of our work. It’s a real advantage being able to partner with an IT provider that understands the medical programs and other applications that our doctors use day-to-day. 

Having a fully integrated, cloud-based server is simpler, more cost-efficient and made it easier for us to navigate this year’s COVID-19 restrictions. We’ve had no regrets switching to GPsupport, and would recommend their team of experts to any Australian medical practice.” 

Karen Cotter, Practice Manager, John Fawkner Cardiology