Threat Management

Superior IT products in-line with the professionalism of your practice


How precious is your clinical data?

  • At GPsupport, we believe the value of your clinical data, demands off-site back-up 
  • Our Data Protect product is fully automated and monitored by our technicians.  
  • We ensure your clinical data, inclusive of patient records and accounting databases, is backed-up daily and routinely verified for recoverability. 
  • Even if there is a data failure, your practice will remain compliant with government regulations 
  • It is a fully managed service, so theres no need to purchase hardware or expensive software licenses.  
  • Your staff dont need to get involved

Virus protection that works

  • You know that its critical to have your clinical data totally protected as well as all your business data 
  • The GPsupport world-class anti-virus solution gives you a monitored, uniform, fully integrated and consistent level of virus protection for all workstations and servers 
  • No more need for your staff to run virus scans 
  • It cuts risk by securing all networks and continually monitoring 24/7. 
  • Built on and supported by one of the worlds best AntiVirus protection providers AVG.

Practical spam protection

  • No one wants to waste time with Spam Emails 
  • Our cost-effective spam protection product gets rid of 99% of your spam 
  • All staff receive a daily email digest which lists emails that are held and gives you the option to release any items or trust the senders.

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