Ian Seno

Network Engineer

Ian Seno is a Network Engineer for GPsupport, responsible for designing, delivering and managing the comprehensive network infrastructure that supports our clients’ needs. With 10 years of experience, Ian’s areas of expertise include network design, firewall and network security, along with VoIP communications. 

Ian is highly motivated to provide superior outcomes for GPsupport clients, and he relishes the opportunity to explore new technologies that require out-of-the-box thinking. He’s particularly excited to see ongoing advancements in the areas of wireless collaboration and communication. 

Outside of the office, Ian likes to stay active and can be found practising stunt tricks on his wakeskate board or riding his mountain bike!

In the last decade alone, the technology industry has experienced significant developments that have made it easier for businesses to operate beyond the physical confines of an office space. I’m personally excited by the advancements we’ve seen in firewall and network security, along with the enhanced collaboration tools that are now available, including video collaboration and telepresence.