Jamison Phillis

Director of Operations

Jamison is the Director of Operations for GPsupport. Offering 7 years of experience in cybersecurity, enterprise design and IT networking, Jamison specialises in account management and solution architecture for GPsupport’s clients. 

Jamison manages daily business operations and is known as the go-to person when any unexpected issues arise. Jamison is thoroughly committed to delivering cost-effective business outcomes and identifying new relevant technologies for healthcare businesses. 

When he’s not solving complex problems for GPsupport clients, Jamison can be found adventuring in the great outdoors – ideally on a mountain bike in Bolivia!

Technology is rapidly evolving and forever changing, so we’re here to help our clients innovate on a regular basis to keep up with customer demands. I am most excited about the next evolution of cloud computing and the agility it offers to our clients. Being in healthcare, we must be at the forefront of advancement in this space, and we embrace that philosophy to ensure great outcomes for our clients.