William Amado

Project Manager / Service Manager

William Amado is our Project Manager/ Service Manager here at GPsupport. His multi-faceted role involves overseeing client projects, liaising with technical teams, and managing the service department to ensure GPsupport clients are completely satisfied. 

With a decade of experience in client relationship management, William relishes the opportunity to exceed clients expectations by adding real value to their business. William has seen first-hand the adoption of new technologies in the healthcare space, and is particularly excited about the integration of electronic prescribing.

When he’s not delivering superior outcomes for GPsupport clients, William immerses himself in the music scene, both on and off the stage!

At GPsupport, we’re relationship-driven, which means that we’re in tune with our clients current needs and future goals. Our service team is highly responsive and accountable, and we go above and beyond to deliver outstanding solutions for our clients. Best of all, we grow with our clients' businesses and can upscale with their needs.