New Clinic Spotlight: Garden Family Clinic

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Setting a new standard for clinic IT

The Garden Family Clinic is a new General Practice in Perth, providing a wide range of integrated medical services for patients, including expertise in children’s health, men’s health, women’s health, and much more. Practice Manager, Dr Andrew Leech, was looking for an IT support provider that could help get this new clinic set up for success with a state-of-the-art technology infrastructure. Here’s why The Garden Family Clinic chose to partner with the experts at GPsupport. to discuss his experience partnering with GPsupport:

The Challenge

According to Dr Leech, it was critical for his team to have access to a superior IT infrastructure from day one: “These systems are harder to implement later on, so we wanted to get it right from the start. We wanted to set a new standard for how clinics manage their digital applications.”

The goal was to deliver a seamless patient experience with the help of technology, including online booking systems, cloud-based clinical data, digital script delivery, and more. It was important for The Garden to be a largely paperless practice. It was also desired that hardware could blend into the background, so that greater face-to-face communication could take place between staff and patients. 


GPsupport was able to establish a comprehensive tech solution for The Garden. Our solution encompassed hardware such as computers, phones, and printers, along with cloud-based software like Microsoft 365. The GPsupport team dealt with all tech-related matters, so that Dr Leech and his colleagues could focus on facilitating high-quality patient care. 

As per the client’s specifications, GPsupport was able to design a solution that ensured that the practice felt predominantly cordless and clutter-free, allowing for a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere at The Garden.

For Dr Leech, the phone system was also a stand-out. GPsupport VOIP phone systems have enabled The Garden to have multiple waiting lines available, so that receptionists can track who is phoning and manage incoming calls with ease.

The Result

Working together, GPsupport and The Garden were able to achieve their shared vision for a paperless, distraction-free environment, where clinicians and administrators still have access to powerful software and hardware. 

Dr. Leech enjoyed GPsupport’s responsiveness and eagerness to develop a solution that made sense for The Garden:

“They understood our brand, made it a really good experience, asked the right questions, and took the time required… GPsupport helped us to get to that goal, and everything came together in just five months.”

Dr Andrew Leech, Practice Manager